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Through the flooring innovations of today, ceramic tile is not only more affordable, but it’s also easier to maintain. The options for color, patterns, sizes, shapes and design are infinite. At Beautiful Home Interiors, we are sure you will find just the right stone for your home and design needs from the different stones we have available. Before looking at stone, there are a few things you should be educated on.

  • There are four distinct types of stone
    • Ceramic
    • Porcelain
    • Marble
    • Granite
  • Within the Ceramic selections, there is glazed tile and unglazed floor tile (aka Natural Stone)
    • Glazed is the most common and has a special coating that is applied to the body of the tile then fired at a very hot temperature to seal the tile. The glazing creates a hard and non-porous result. The benefits of glazed stone include; Stain Resistant, Scratch Resistant, Fire Resistant, Fade Resistant, Slip Resistant and Ease of Cleaning, which is the best feature!
    • Although, Natural Stone is unglazed tile it can still be incredibly beautiful. It’s porous and needs to be maintained regularly. There is a special sealant that can be applied to prevent stains and the seepage of spills and dirt into the pours of the stone.
  • Porcelain Tile is a type of Ceramic that is made of very fine mixture of clays and minerals. The molecular makeup is similar to fine china or high-end dinnerware. These clays allow porcelain tile to be fired at even hotter temperatures than the ceramic tiles, typically near 2400 degrees. The higher the temperature, the denser the tile will become and the less moisture it will attract. The benefits of Porcelain are like those of ceramic, they are denser and harder than most other tiles; stain and moisture resistant; and naturally hygienic with an easy to clean surface. Lastly, porcelain is not only beautiful but equally durable and it can be used in both residential and commercial scenarios.
  • Marble, Granite & Limestone are popular stones. These three stones are naturally made and therefore individually unique. They are mined out of quarries and, consequently, no two stones are ever the same. One important feature about these three is they need to be sealed. They can be extremely porous and therefore care needs to be taken with the maintenance. While they are porous, it is not hard to care for them, which makes them very popular in many homes today.
  • It is common to grout your tile after installation. This is a mixture of cement and a color additive. Also, a liquid latex additive can be mixed to the grout to give better resiliency to the grouted areas. It is common for grout to change color slightly over time.
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